The Future is Yours.
Take it. Shape it.

At Ignation you’ll get the chance to work on some kickass projects for clients like Sony, KLM, VodafoneZiggo, and others. We value and believe in the intellect and creativity of our employees, and trust in their ability to make the right decision.

We’ll give you plenty of freedom and personal responsibility, which we expect you to use to help yourself, our clients, and Ignation grow.

This is what we are
looking for
“... Ignation is a great place to work. One day I’m working with LED lights, sensors and I’m soldering parts. Another day I’m working with AI and IBM Cloud services, developing software applications. What more could I want? Also, I can bring my dog to work which is a major plus. ...”
“... As a tester and designer, I actively work together with colleagues throughout the country. I regularly get opportunities in new projects to build my portfolio. ...”
“... Ignation gives me the freedom I need personally and professionally to unleash all my creativity and develop myself in the best way possible. I love working at Ignation for getting the chance to work with other like-minded creative people that know how to make work truly fun. ...”
“... At Ignation I can design beyond the borders of screens, and experiment with new possible interfaces like AR/VR. Because of the direct contact with customers, I get the opportunity to create even better user-friendly designs. ...”
“... Rigid rules and formality scare me. Here I don’t have to worry about that. I can work in an informal atmosphere while being able to work on a myriad of projects. People expect you to take ownership, I like that. ...”
“... Autonomy is very important to me, and that's exactly what you'll find here at Ignation. You will be involved and encouraged to take ownership on all levels, whether it's redecorating the office, setting up a new product or service, or deciding together on the goals we would like to accomplish. ...”
Annick Creative Developer, Amsterdam
Dirk Designer/Tester, Eindhoven
Emily Designer, Amsterdam
Jeroen Concept Designer, Amsterdam
Luuk Creative Developer, Utrecht
Wesley Creative Developer, Amsterdam