We are looking for a Designer

What makes you tick? Is it enraptured exploration? Killer concepts? Perfect polygons? Fabulous fonts? Then you've come to the right place.

What makes you tick? Is it enraptured exploration? Killer concepts? Perfect polygons? Fabulous fonts? Then you've come to the right place.

As a designer at Ignation you will get the opportunity to hone your skills while being able to work on exhilarating projects. We create digital solutions where design lies at the heart of it all.


Your design process doesn’t start at the drawing board, but starts in the mind. You look beyond the visual aspects of Design (though you know it’s important). You love the thought of improving stuff that’s already good, always pushing the envelope.


Your homebase will be our Utrecht office, but we encourage you to spend some of your time at any of our other offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven where there’s always an extra desk you can use. Getting there will be easy driving your own lease car with unlimited kilometers.


It’s important for us to help you grow, both as a person and professionally. We offer a very wide range of free (online) training possibilities to help you achieve greatness. You are free to take courses in whatever field you want. Want to become a scrum-master or take a design course? Go for it!

What it takes

Usually this is the part where you would see a list of requirements. We like to use programs like Sketch, InVision, and the Adobe CC Suite, but to be honest we don’t really care about what creative suite you use, or which prototyping software is your favorite. Just as long as you can make things work, and look damn beautiful.

Surprise us!

So go ahead: Surprise us! Wow us! Delight us! Send us your portfolio and CV, and tell us a little something about yourself. Please, no boring nondescript cover letters. Just something about who you are, and what makes you happy.

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“... Ignation is a great place to work. One day I’m working with LED lights, sensors and I’m soldering parts. Another day I’m working with AI and IBM Cloud services, developing software applications. What more could I want? Also, I can bring my dog to work which is a major plus. ...”
“... As a tester and designer, I actively work together with colleagues throughout the country. I regularly get opportunities in new projects to build my portfolio. ...”
“... Ignation gives me the freedom I need personally and professionally to unleash all my creativity and develop myself in the best way possible. I love working at Ignation for getting the chance to work with other like-minded creative people that know how to make work truly fun. ...”
“... Rigid rules and formality scare me. Here I don’t have to worry about that. I can work in an informal atmosphere while being able to work on a myriad of projects. People expect you to take ownership, I like that. ...”
Annick Creative Developer, Amsterdam
Dirk Designer/Tester, Eindhoven
Emily Designer, Amsterdam
Luuk Creative Developer, Utrecht